CRF Maltene Based Restorative Seal


CRF is an asphalt maintenance product that rejuvenates and restores aging pavements. The CRF emulsion comprises 11% PG-grade asphalt and the same maltene fractions that give pavements their strength and durability. Roads treated with CRF are flexible, durable and have a smooth driving surface.

CRF is sprayed and allowed to cure (30-60 minutes for roads, 5-10 minutes for center line and rumble strips. Then we apply 6-10 pounds of lime screening per square yard

30-60 minutes for roads. Five-10 minutes for center line and rumble strip applications

Roads that are about 6-12 years old including low-volume state roads, city and county streets and shoulders. Center lines and rumble strips that are 2-3 years old. Also used to preserve chip seals.

5-10 years

Number of applications in a pavement’s lifecycle:1-3, varies on pavement age and condition

It is used on pavement surfaces that are around 7 years old which show signs of:

  • Brittleness
  • Surface Cracking
  • Raveling

CRF is used in a highly concentrated form to heal center line joints and rumble strips that are about 2-3 years old.

How CRF works

Test Section Timeline - Bloomington, IL


This is a photo of a test section of road in Bloomington, Il before any treatment was done.

Road before CRF treatmentClick image to enlarge.


CRF is applied full strength to test section with a wand applicator by hand.

Crf treatment of roadClick image to enlarge.


Test section one year after treatment.

Road treated with CRF one year laterClick image to enlarge.


Test section five years after treatment.

CRF road treatmentClick image to enlarge.

The product is formulated to integrate into the pavement matrix. By creating a bond between the asphalt and the aggregate, it penetrates and seals the surface preventing future oxidation.
CRF is cost effective. Public works departments that use CRF significantly delay the need for other costly maintenance and resurfacing work.
For agencies wanting to apply a micro surface such as chip seal in the future, CRF provides a robust base that will extend the life of other maintenance efforts like chip seals, microsurfacing, and mastic treatments. When applied on the surface of a chip seal, CRF helps to heal the surface and prevent aggregate loss.