Scientifically Proven Asphalt Preservation

More than 50 million square yards of road treated every year



We’ve been offering reliable, scientifically proven asphalt preservation and rejuvenation since 1980



The products we use have a 50-year track record of success. They are that good!



A CAM crew can treat around 5 miles of road in a day. We reopen to traffic approximately 30 minutes after spraying depending on the type of treatment

Adding 5-10 Years to the Life of Asphalt Pavement with Corrective Asphalt Materials

Our Philosophy


We use scientifically sound products because we believe in empirical results.

We take a 500-foot view of road preservation, and we don’t believe in quick fixes or newfangled materials that have not been thoroughly tested.


As engineers ourselves, we support the long-term goals of public works departments and the people responsible for the durability of our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

Smooth road surfaces are safe for drivers and prevent tragedy.


Cost effective road preservation and maintenance is good for communities and helps control local tax burdens.

Corrective Asphalt Materials Serves the Midwest

We work with the public works departments for Midwest cities, towns, townships and villages, the Department of Transportation, commercial campuses and homeowners’ associations.

Alabama • Arkansas • Illinois • Iowa • Louisiana • Minnesota • Missouri • Mississippi • Wisconsin
Map of service area