CRF Cold Pour Crack Sealer


CRF Cold Pour is used to seal large cracks, potholes, raveling and alligator deterioration. It offers a long-term solution to salt brine intrusion and provides a corrective pavement maintenance that prevents further deterioration.

Cold pour spot treatment.

Aggregate or lime

Seal and fill damaged sections of asphalt pavement including surface and fatigue cracks and moderate to heavy alligatoring.

How is CRF Cold Pour Crack Sealer applied?

  • Apply the CRF in the crack with a wand or pour pot. Larger areas may need to be spread by a squeegee or broom.

  • Apply a cover aggregate or lime screenings to the CRF. The aggregate helps the CRF set and keeps the CRF from tracking onto cars.

CRF Cold Pour can be used as restorative rejuvenator with infrared patching equipment and the recycling of cold and heated millings. When used to cold patch, it helps seal and bind the repair to the existing asphalt base.


CRF Crack Sealer Brochure PDF