Cyclogen Engineered Recycling Oil


Cyclogen has been used for more than 30 years for in-place recycling of old asphalt pavements.

It is a naphthenic crude stock emulsion with a wax-free base and a low-pour point. Its natural solvency allows it to thoroughly soak into the asphalt where it can rebalance the chemical composition of the road by restoring any oxidized oils in the asphalt binder. This rejuvenates the surface and gives the road the stability and durability of new asphalt.

Sprayed over asphalt millings to create a usable surface and high performance rejuvenating agent for hot and cold recycling. Can also be injected.


Resurfacing county and rural roads with weathered asphalt pavement or gravel surfaces.

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Benefits include:

  • Reducing landfill waste.

  • Lowering the amount of new mix needed for new projects.

  • Bringing down the cost of transporting materials to and from the work site.

  • Managing costs and helping to lower local tax burdens.

Cyclogen can be combined with asphalt millings to create a cost-effective surface course. The millings are grated to the required size at the CAM factory in South Roxana, Illinois. These are spread over the surface and then sprayed with Cyclogen to provide a compact and smooth road surface.

Cyclogen is also used as a rejuvenating emulsion in the hot and cold recycling process.


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