JointBond Longitudinal Joint Stabilizer


JointBond is a polymerized emulsion made from the same maltene factions that make up the asphalt binder. It is a specialized product that heals and improves the durability of construction joints on asphalt roadways.

These joints are the most vulnerable part of the pavement. They can start to show signs of failure within several months of installation especially if low density becomes an issue.

JointBond is suitable for use on country roads and highways that have high traffic volumes. It is applied to newly installed road surface before the joints have an opportunity to separate and deteriorate. It can be used in conjunction with other joint treatments.

2-foot spray pattern. No sand required.

10-30 minutes

Asphalt construction joints and rumble strips up to 1 year old

3-5 years

JointBond Application

Benefits of JointBond

  • Penetrates the pavement joints, replenishing the maltene factions to heal joints and rumble strips before the joints can spread.

  • Extends the life of joints and rumble strips by 3-5 years.

  • Stabilizes the construction joint and the area around it, improving compaction and density issues that may arise during the construction process of the joint.

  • Prevents compaction and raveling.

  • Protects joints and rumble strips from water and brine intrusion.

Applying JointBond

CAM uses a calibrated distributor truck with a two-foot spray pattern to cover the joint. It penetrates the surface within 15-30 minutes allowing roads to be reopened to traffic quickly.


JointBond Brochure PDF