This product was developed to tackle road dust which can cause crop damage, respiratory illness, soil erosion and other problems.

Coherex is a petroleum resin and water emulsion. As it penetrates the soil, it makes the dust particles stick together (agglomerate) so they are too heavy to be moved by the wind. This stickiness is long lasting even in the harshest weather conditions.

Sprayed with 1-4 passes to allow the product to penetrate soil.


For dirt and gravel roads and anywhere soil stabilization is needed to prevent dust. Especially helpful for mineral and ore mines.

Depends on surface conditions and application rates.

Where can you use Coherex?

Coherex is a clean and economical dust retardant with a wide variety of uses. Applications include:

  • Roadways, shoulders and lanes

  • Orchards and vineyards

  • Campsites

  • Railroad grades

  • Slopes that need stabilization

  • Vacant fields

  • Mining facilities for ore dust control

Applying Coherex

Application is via spraying and the treated area can be used immediately by people and traffic.


Coherex Brochure PDF