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Reliable, Efficient Asphalt Preservation

Reliable, Efficient Asphalt Preservation

Meet the CAM Team

Photo of Jack Witte

Jack Witte


As president and owner of Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC, Jack holds overall responsibility for the sales and marketing of the business.
He began working at CAM in 2003 while he was earning his engineering degree. In 2005, he joined the company full time as a project engineer. Jack quickly assumed responsibility for sales and began to sell CAM and its suite of products on their technical merits. In 2013, Jack and two co-owners purchased CAM.

Over the years, Jack has built lasting relationships with the company’s growing customer base. He has worked hard to put together a team of technically savvy people who understand the market, the merits of road preservation and the range of options available to customers.

Jack earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri, Rolla, in 2005. He discovered his knack for sales when he joined the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity and made it his mission to increase membership numbers.

Jack enjoys having a beer with his co-workers and taking a nap on Saturday afternoons. He likes hunting waterfowl and he loves boating with his wife and three young children on the Lake of the Ozarks.

Jack is an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).
American Public Works Association (APWA).
Midwest Pavement Preservation Partnership (MPPP).

Email: Jack@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (618) 409-3629

The Team

Marc Taillon Photo

Marc Taillon

Vice President Engineering and Operations/Owner

Marc is responsible for all aspects of finance and engineering at Corrective Asphalt Materials. He enjoys the company’s fast-paced environment and is known for his ability to think through all the steps of a project and spot potential conflicts and other issues.

He works with his team to ensure that every customer gets the highest level of customer service. That means every member of the team keeps the customer’s needs at the forefront and is willing to work relentlessly to solve any problems.

Marc has a strong manufacturing and operations background. Before joining CAM, he worked at Sunnen Products Company, AGT Services and The Gund Company.

For hobbies, Marc enjoys all things mechanical. Whether it is a boat or a car, he likes nothing better than to take them apart and then put them back together. And that is an interest that extends to his work at CAM. If any of the company’s heavy equipment breaks down unexpectedly, rather than delay the job, Marc has rolled up his sleeves and done everything he can to get it working again.

Marc has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri, Rolla and an Associates Degree from SUNY Morrisville.

Email: Marc@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (314) 477-3995

Byron L. Farrell, PE


These products, which have been used on asphalt surfaces since the 1950s, have decades of proven performance and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they provide the best results.

From 1961 to 1996 he was the president and chairman of Helmkamp Construction Co. He served as the National President of the Association of General Contractors (AGC) for many years.

Bryon earned his graduate degree in engineering from Purdue University in 1961.


Anthony J. Witte, PE


Anthony is a road preservation consultant at Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC. He joined CAM in 2004 and was one of three partners to purchase the company in 2013.

HIs past career includes more than a decade as a general manager of landfill operations and in excess of 15 years as a manager of engineering for the mining industry.

Anthony earned a graduate degree in engineering from the University of Missouri, Rolla in 1975.

Rachel Lang

Business Development

Sales Illinois and Wisconsin

Rachel, who joined Corrective Asphalt Materials in 2008, is the business development manager for the Illinois and Wisconsin regions and manages two road crews.

Rachel believes that her success, and the success of the company, depends on exceptional customer service. Before joining the company, she worked in the transportation industry.

She is the president-elect of the APWA Chicago Metro Chapter and is also involved with the Wisconsin Chapter of APWA, the Illinois Association of County Engineers, Townships Officials of Illinois and numerous other industry associations.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Email: Rachel@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (630) 631-2854
Tina Revermann Photo

Tina Revermann

Office Manager

Tina is responsible for a wide range of day-to-day office functions including accounting and finance, human resources and as a liaison between departments.

Tina and her finance team work in tandem with sales and operations assisting with everything from preparing proposals to the final billing. One of her main responsibilities is keeping a close eye on costs so that CAM can provide all its customers with the best value.

Tina enjoys the company of her co-workers whom she feels appreciate her hard work, dedication and commitment to her job.

She finds the biggest challenges give her the greatest personal rewards. In early 2017 she led the initiative to implement the company’s new customer service software.

She brings a wealth of experience to her position. Before joining CAM, she held similar roles in roofing and other construction industries.

Tina enjoys socializing with friends, crocheting and doing crafts.

Email: Tina@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (618) 484-7650
Office line: (618) 254-3855

Colleen West

Business Development

Sales in Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota

Colleen’s responsibilities at Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC include business development and account management. She helps clients evaluate road conditions and develops road management plans.

Colleen jokes that she has asphalt in her bones. She joined CAM in 2017 after more than 10 years in heavy highway industry.  She also worked for a St. Louis company where she was in charge of business development and asphalt-mix sales.

When she is not at work, Colleen loves taking her kids to the park, working out at the gym and baking. She is famous for baking a hundred loaves of her delicious strawberry bread every holiday season as gifts for her customers.

Colleen graduated from Purdue University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.

Email: Colleen@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (314) 267-9313
colleen large
Jack Holleran Photo

Jack Holleran


Illinois and Wisconsin

Jack is in charge of all aspects of operations at Corrective Asphalt Materials’ northern office which serves Illinois and Wisconsin. It is his job to make sure everything operates smoothly, safely and efficiently. In addition, he drives a 3000-gallon distributor truck and runs a crew of at least five people.

Jack is not just good at his job. He loves his work and the company that makes it possible. Jack is OSHA- and flagger- certified.

Jack has been in the asphalt industry for more than 20 years. He is proud of his knowledge in this field, and he has a healthy respect for the equipment he uses every day.

Before CAM, Jack worked for DuPage Asphalt Co in Naperville for five years and for Boecker Road Maintenance for seven years until it was purchased by CAM.

Jack enjoys working in his yard and fixing cars and other equipment.

Email: Holleran@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (630) 853-0832

Daniel Kerber

Business Development

Alabama and Mississippi

Daniel joined Corrective Asphalt Materials in 2012 and he handles business development and sales for Alabama and Mississippi.

He is passionate about his job. He has a genuine interest in getting to know the people he works with and describes the public works directors and county engineers that make up his client base as great people and connections.

Before working for CAM, Daniel was a shift supervisor at CVS Pharmacy and the development coordinator for Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

His favorite hobby is home brewing.

Daniel graduated from Belmont Abbey College with a Bachelors in Motorsports Management.

Email: Daniel@CAMAlabama.com
Cell phone: (256) 338-8618
Daniel Kerber Photo
Tim Ribes Photo

Tim Ribes

Project Coordinator

Tim is responsible for project management, customer relations, scheduling, inventory management and contract procedures at Corrective Asphalt Materials.

He enjoys a high level of camaraderie with his coworkers, and he works closely with clients to address issues and solve any problems that come up. His best days are when a satisfied customer complements the team for a job well done.

Prior to joining CAM, Tim was a senior sales and operations manager at Lowe’s.

When he is not at work, Tim likes spending quality time with his family playing slow pitch softball, watching St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, working out, and landscaping.

Tim earned his Bachelor of Science in Employee Relations from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2012.

Email: Tim@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (618) 484-8123

Wade Sparks

Area Supervisor

Wade is a crew leader at Corrective Asphalt Materials. He takes great pride in getting a job done correctly and on time. His work allows him to be outdoors, which is perfect for a man who could not imagine spending his days sitting at a desk.

Before he joined the CAM team, Wade was a plumber and worked in the construction industry where he learned not just how to organize his time, but also to keep his tools and inventory in order.

When you ask Wade about the greatest achievement of his life, the answer comes easily: Raising his three children with his wife.

When Wade is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, hitting the trails on his bike or getting in a game of golf.

Email: Wade@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (630) 200-6463
Wade Sparks Photo

Lee Kunselman

Area Supervisor

More than anything else, Lee enjoys the feeling of independence he gets from his job as an area supervisor at Corrective Asphalt Materials. The scenery changes every day, and that is just the way he likes it.

He is responsible for getting the job done, and that means overseeing his crew and any training they need as well as taking care of the tools and vehicles that make their work possible.

Prior positions included working in the sheet metal industry, as a residential construction contractor, and a HVAC and IT infrastructure installer.

When he is not working, he can be found updating his home and spending time with family and friends.

Email: Lee@CAMmidwest.com
Cell phone: (618) 772-3519