Midwest Asphalt Preservation & Maintenance

Corrective Asphalt Materials offers a wide range of cost-effective pavement services to preserve, maintain and extend the life of road surfaces. We have a fleet of vehicles with specialized spraying equipment and our trained crews are supervised by qualified engineers to ensure the highest standards of product application. We manufacture and test all of our products at our facility in South Roxana, Illinois.

Our Products

Reclamite Maltene-Based Rejuvenator

First Step in Asphalt Pavement Preservation

Application: Spray so it penetrates the surface. Then a light sanding is applied to the surface.

Ready for traffic: 30 minutes

Uses: For new road surfaces on low volume state routes, shoulders, city and county streets preserving microsurfacing and chip seals.

Extends road life: 5-10 years

Number of Applications in a pavement's lifecycle: 2-3 in 5 year intervals

CRF Maltene-Based Rejuvenator & Seal

Restores & Rejuvenates Aged Surfaces

Application: CRF is sprayed and allowed to cure 30-60 minutes for roads, 5-10 minutes for center line and rumble strips. Then we apply 6-10 pounds of lime screening per square yard

Ready for traffic: 30-60 minutes for roads. Five-10 minutes for center line and rumble strip applications

Uses: Roads that are about 6-7 years old including low-volume state roads, city and county streets and shoulders. Center lines and rumble strips that are 2-3 years old. Also used to preserve chip seals.

Extends road life: 5-10 years

Number of applications in a pavement’s lifecycle: 1-3, varies on pavement age and condition

JointBond Longitudinal Joint Stabilizer

Joint Failure Prevention

Application: 2-foot spray pattern

Ready for traffic: 2-foot spray pattern. No sand required.

Uses: Asphalt construction joints and rumble strips up to 1 year old

Extends road life: 3-5 years


Dust Retardant & Soil Stabilizer

Application: Sprayed with 1-4 passes to allow the product to penetrate soil.

Ready for traffic: Immediate

Uses: For dirt and gravel roads and anywhere soil stabilization is needed to prevent dust. Especially helpful for mineral and ore mines.

Extends road life: Depends on surface conditions and application rates.

Cyclogen Engineered Recycling Oil

Hot and Cold Asphalt Pavement Recycling

Application: Sprayed over asphalt millings to create a usable surface and high performance rejuvenating agent for hot and cold recycling. Can also be injected.

Ready for traffic: Varies

Uses: Resurfacing county and rural roads with weathered asphalt pavement or gravel surfaces.

CRF Cold Pour
Crack Sealer

Restoring and Sealing Cracks, Potholes, Alligatoring & More

Application: Cold pour spot treatment.

Screening: Aggregate or lime

Uses: Seal and fill damaged sections of asphalt pavement including surface and fatigue cracks and moderate to heavy alligatoring.