Preserving, Rejuvenating and Maintaining Asphalt

Agencies around the US are looking for ways to make their road surfaces last as long as possible.

Asphalt restoration and rejuvenation products such as Reclamite, CRF and the other products offer by Corrective Asphalt Materials, offer scientifically proven and cost-effective options for preserving and reviving road surfaces.

Causes of Asphalt Pavement Deterioration


Asphalt is made up of two components - asphaltenes and maltenes. The asphaltenes are the bonding agent that make the asphalt hard while the maltenes give it its stickiness.

When asphalt loses its maltenes, the road surface becomes dry and brittle. This leads to raveling, pitting, cracks, potholes and other signs of aging.

Maltenes are lost in the following ways:

  • Damage by high temperatures during manufacturing

  • Exposure to the sun

  • Freeze-thaw conditions

  • Water

  • Traffic and normal aging

Proactive Asphalt Preservation

At Corrective Asphalt Materials, we recommend treating the newly laid pavement surface with Reclamite to replenish the maltene factions lost during both the manufacturing and installation of the pavement.

We usually recommend up to two Reclamite treatments during the life of a road (possibly 3 depending on climate).

In many cases, we also recommend treating the surface with CRF in advance of the surface showing any signs of aging.

Treating pavements in good condition, keep the pavments in good condtion for much longer.  This keeps pavement ratings higher for longer periods of time.

Reactive Asphalt Preservation

As soon as asphalt paving begins to show raveling, pitting and other early signs of aging, our engineers, recommend treating the road with CRF.

CRF delays the need for overlays and other expensive surface courses. CRF restores raveling and and surface cracking.  It keeps the pavement form deteriorating further.

Asphalt Maintenance Program Timeline

Year 1

Replenish maltene faction with Reclamite
Stabilize construction joints with Joint Bond

Year 3

Heal center line with CRF
Seal rumble strips with CRF

Year 7

Cure early signs of aging with CRF

Year 7+

Fill cracks, potholes, raveling and alligator damage with CRF Cold Pour

Year 15+

In-place recycling of end-of-life asphalt pavement with Cyclogen